Egeria’s Connector Catalog

Egeria has a growing collection of connectors to third party technologies. These connectors help to accelerate the rollout of your open metadata ecosystem.

Connectors supported by the Egeria OMAG Servers

Many subsystems in Egeria’s OMAG Server Platform and Servers use connectors to plug in additional function through connector. These subsystems define a specialized interface for the type of connector they support.

The connectors listed below are available for use …

Integration Connectors

The integration connectors support the exchange of metadata with third party technologies. This exchange may be inbound, outbound, synchronous, polling or event-driven. Details of how integration connector work is described in this article.


The files integration connectors run in the Files Integrator Open Metadata Integration Service (OMIS) hosted in the Integration Daemon.


The database integration connectors run in the Database Integrator Open Metadata Integration Service (OMIS) hosted in the Integration Daemon.

Security Enforcement Engines

The security integration connectors run in the Security Integrator Open Metadata Integration Service (OMIS) hosted in the Integration Daemon.

Open Discovery Services

Open Discovery Services are connectors that analyze the content of resources in the digital landscape and create annotations that are attached to the resource’s Asset metadata element in the open metadata repositories.

The interfaces used by a discovery service are defined in the Open Discovery Framework (ODF) along with a guide on how to write a discovery service.

Governance Action Services

Governance Action Services are connectors that perform monitoring of metadata changes, validation of metadata, triage of issues, assessment and/or remediation activities on request. They run in the Governance Action Open Metadata Engine Service (OMES) hosted by the Engine Host OMAG Server.

Event Bus Connectors

The event bus connectors are used by Egeria to connect to an event bus to support event exchange in topics.

Repository and Event Mapper Connectors

The repository connectors provide the ability to integrate a third party metadata repository into an open metadata repository cohort.

Audit Log Connectors

The audit log store connectors support different destinations for audit log record. Multiple of these connectors can be active in an OMAG Server at any one time and they can each be configured to only process particular types of audit log records.

There is more information on the use of audit logging in the Diagnostic Guide.

Cohort Registry Stores

The cohort registry store connectors are connectors that store the open metadata repository cohort membership details used and maintained by the cohort registry. The cohort protocols are peer-to-peer and hence there is a cohort registry (with a cohort registry store) for each member of a cohort.

Egeria provides a single implementation of a cohort registry store connector:

Open Metadata Archive Stores

The open metadata archive connectors support connectors that can read and write open metadata archives.

Egeria provides a single implementation of this type of connector:

Connectors for use in Applications and Tools

These connectors are for use by external applications and tools to connect with resources and services in the digital landscape along with stored metadata from Egeria.



License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.